Software solutions

Great software is key for a great product. Our world class software team will design the perfect solution for your product. 


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API and embedded solutions

Our electronics engineering team has experience in providing easy to use APIs and reliable embedded software and firmware. We mostly develop in C, C++ and Python but have experience in many other systems.

Apps and UX design

UX is key in product development. We strongly believe if customer focused interaction design and design thinking when building products. Our frontend software developers focus on IOS and Android as well as Windows 10. 

Cloud and server integrations

Gather data fast, safe and reliable is often the biggest problem when implementing new products. Our backend software team has successfully our technology in industry, research and even startups. We mostly code in Java, Python, Node.js and PHP.

Big Data and artificial intelligence

Precise data allows precise predictions. Our data scientists work hand-in-hand with your R&D team or your marketing teams to provide the smartes possible system. Get insights to your processes, your customers and your technology. We mostly work in Python.